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January 31st, 2017, 2:41 am

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Reply farah, December 7th, 2006, 1:22 am

THE ORIGINAL PLOT FOR SPIRITS ODYSSEY Like I mentioned earlier during the re-launching of this comic, Spirits Odyssey was intended to be a long term on-going comic in Mahou Shoujo theme(A sub-genre of shoujo manga, usually featuring young girls with superhuman abilities who are forced to fight evil and protect the Earth). Later I changed it, making SO as a one-shot instead. :) So, here I'm happy to share the original plot I planned before the major modification. Forgive me in advance with the poor English you might encounter later... @_@

Here's the basic story.Thousands of years ago, there lived a large kingdom in the island of Atlantis. There were a group of outstanding, very intelligent people who created magical powers, items, 'mystical' technologies beyond normal people's imagination. These gifted people who were very proud of their achievement, grew more & more arrogant each day. They began to entitle themselves as 'The Spirits' among the citizen of Atlantis.

Angel & Rupert(who were an item, not known by most Spirits) were amid the gifted people. The difference was they were noble & againts to identify themselves as the Spirits. The villian of this comic(whom I've forgotten his name was :P Let's just call him- Axlorac! XD http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/42407201/) was a Spirit and also yearning for Angel's affection. But he was turned down by Angel.

Axlorac's dream was to became the most powerful Spirits & established a new world the way he desired. Axlorac had treasured all the archives & wisdom of the Spirits in his hidden lair far away from Atlantis. He created a technology to 'sleep' himself for thousands of years and be able to wake again somewhere in the future. He planned to destroy/explode Atlantis, killing every Spirits & humans in it. As Axlorac awaken in the future, he will be the single, most powerful Spirit survived. (nevermind it sounds like a dumb plan. I'm so dumb at this XP)

Somehow, during the day of the execution of his plan, Angel found out about it. She & Rupert tried to stop Axlorac but the deadly explosive he created couldn't be terminated anymore. Rupert was killed during the conflict. Angel made a deal to Axlorac that she wanted to 'awake' with him in the future & finally returned his feelings. He agreed. She secretly vowed to stop his plan in the future. In order to 'sleep', a Spirit must release (almost) all his/her power from her body/soul. The powers will be kept in protected crystal in Axlorac's hidden lair.

Atlantis met it's doom that night. Somehow Angel's crystal 'disappeared' from Axlorac'slair. It escaped by itself, floating for thousands of years & in the end it chose to absorb to Dyane(it happened during a camping trip, while Robert was flirting with her). It was during that time Axlorac & Angel lastly awaken. Angel escaped & searched for her powers back.

She eventually found Dyane(Dyane's opening scene, just like in the beginning of the comic you read) but the powers refused to return to Angel. The reason why it selected to remain in Dyane is a mystery( I forgot it myself :P). SO original plot was totally different starting from page 12. Instead of Angel reappread, a monster/villian emerged before them in page 12. It was sent by Axlorac.

As Angel came to sight, she knew had to depend on Dyane now. Angel quickly guide Dyane to use her powers hidden inside her. Dyane automaticly transformed into a magical heroine in a ancient Spirit costume! (See the sketches above) =D Dyane's code name is now-Dyrad. She ultimately defeated the monster. It was the beginning of Angel & Dyane's partnership to prevent Axlorac from taking over the world. X) There were series of monster-fighting scenes where Dyane was in deep trouble and Robert oftenly came to the rescue. Sometimes Robert even casted a magic spell but he declined to explained to Dyane or Angel how could he had those powers.

There was suppose to be a light love triangle between Dyane, Robert & Angel in SO original plot. Angel couldn't help to develop a slight crush on Robert who resembled Rupert-her true love. As Robert became more friendlier with Angel, Dyane began to realize she was jealous & did adore him. (Hmm.. poor Angel looks so desperate & tragic in the one-shot version X_X).

Oh, I even planned a part where Axlorac kept Angel alive not just because he loved her. He had another agenda where at times he was able to control Angel. The 'sleep' technology he created had done something to Angel.

As you can see, in the one-shot version, Angel is really some sort of spirit or ghost. But in the original plot, she is just a human but gifted, A Spirit once lived in Atlantis. The comic is about the battle of the Spirits(Angel & Axlorac are clearly the Spirits. What about Dyane & Robert?) That's why the comic is named - Spirits Odyssey. ^^

What will happen next? Who is Robert really? Is he related to Rupert? Why is Dyane the 'chosen one' to defeat Axlorac? Are Dyane & Robert also a Spirit? Are there more survivers of Atlantis besides Angel & Axlorac? What about Angel? Will Axlorac control her permenantly? What is the end of Dyane, Robert & Angel's romance trangle? Will Axlorac conquer the world?

Many parts of the original plot I haven't figure out yet. There are more to tell & discuss.. but since I won't proceed with SO original plot, I think this is more than enough for now. Thanks to everyone who read Spirits Odyssey & leave feedbacks. I honestly appreaciate them. Enjoy the sequel of Spirits Odyssey in cartoon strip format - Truly Yours at http://farahweb.net/ (Archives can be found under the 'PROJECTS' section). ;) Not sure if Angel will make an appearance in Truly Yours. We'll see how it goes. ^_^

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Reply Lilychu (Guest), March 3rd, 2007, 10:11 pm

; w ; Awww so that's the original long-shot story version... I wonder why you decided to change to one-short version.. Angel is so sad in this version! TDT Really kesian to her~ ; o ;

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